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AWS Cognito User Pool

By Rex Resurreccion Apr 04, 2020

Understand the basics of AWS Cognito and how to create a User Pool. Save some coding time building an Authentication module from scratch.

Python Pass by Reference and by Value

By Rex Resurreccion Oct 10, 2019

The behavior of Pass by Reference could get tricky sometimes. It can cause Logical error where your code returns unexpected result if you do not know how to deal with it. Imagine if your Client gets a duplicate item in their shopping cart and the charge on their account got doubled, that could be a problem!

WordPress Page and Post difference

By Rex Resurreccion Aug 08, 2019

Wordpress has evolved over the time that you can now use it for different types of projects. Knowing the difference between a Page and Post is important. Start with a good website structure and avoid the headache of managing redirects.

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