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Upgrading to Django 3 and Python 3

By Rex Resurreccion Jan 01, 2020

Checkout the issues that you may also encounter while upgrading your Django application and Python interpreter. I have posted here the actual error messages and how to fix the errors. Also how to setup a test environment and upgrade the SQLite3 version requirement from source.

Basic Parts Of Computer System Unit

By Rex Resurreccion Jan 01, 2020

When assembling a desktop computer from scratch you need to have a good understanding of the components. It may seem to be hard but it’s really straightforward, like a puzzle where all the parts are connected to the motherboard. You can customize a DIY computer based on performance requirements and get the value for your money.

Database Charset and Collation Fix in MySQL

By Rex Resurreccion Dec 12, 2019

Storing user input could be more challenging as you may think. Improper Database Character set and collation can make user input unreadable or worst your system could crash due to a character encoding and decoding error. Here you can find commands to fix this in MySQL.

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