Developer Bio

Hello! My name is Rex Resurreccion and this is my personal website

I decided to create my own Blog about Software Development to share my personal experience in the I.T. world and some technical skills that I picked up along the way.


One should strive to improve themselves than yesterday. When there is an opportunity to learn, whether it is a new technology or principles, I try to put it into practice, build something and share a good discussion with others. That’s why the motto here in my website is “Just keep coding for fun”. By doing so, I am not quickly forgetting what I learned.

While learning, accepting others point of view is important. In Software Development, receiving feedback is an effective way to improve your system and to make it evolve. You can think out of the box when you have collective thoughts.

Technical Skills and Experience

Certified Professional in Python Programming 1
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Over the years of Software Development, I have done both Front-End and Back-End programming. I also have experience in Databases SQL and No-SQL, Test Driven Development and Linux Environment.

Currently I am a Python Software Engineer.

For more inquiry please send me a message and I will try my best to reply as soon as possible.

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